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I'm attempting to play the game on a MAc and it keeps seeing it can't open the game. Any idea what I should do

Which version of macOS are you on, and which program are you using to extract the game?

MAC Os Mojave. and Im downloading the Mac versio


Ok try this:

  1. Open the Terminal.
  2. Type in chmod -R a+x , note the space at the end.
  3. Drag the application (e.g. "") from your Finder to the Terminal.
  4. In your terminal you should now have chmod -R a+x
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Now back in your Finder, right-click the app and then click `Open`

Just as a follow up to sandboxer808 for me, the menu loaded after administrator was run. So I believe trying that might help some people! Also Necro fantastic game thus far!


Thank you so much! <3 Glad to hear you enjoyed it.


No problemo! More lewd games here should focus on female protagonist. Feels like theres a lot of male centric ones, but I follow around three, including this that I really dig!

Game seems to have crashed and cant get it to run again, opens game but menu doesn't load. Just wondering how to fix it?

The game crashed? How weird... Hmmm try running the game as administrator, all menu not loading problems are related to the save files, either the game doesn't have permission to access the save file folder, or the game crashing somehow corrupted the save files.

So if running the game as administrator didnt seem to work and if the save files are the issue then what would should do? I tried redownloading it too but that didnt work either.


You can go to your user folder then \AppData\LocalLow\Necro Bunny Studios\Rise of the White Flower. You can just delete the Rise of the White Flower folder. But if you want to keep your saves, make a backup of it, run the game, then merge the two folders together. When it asks you if you want to overwrite the files that are already there, say no. That should solve the problem and allow you to keep your saves!


This is probably the most best erotic game ever ,not only there's a solid story to play but multiple romance options .cant wait for the next update ,keep doing the amazing work

Aww! Thank you so much!! <3 <3
We'll keep doing our best!


Outstanding! As a pansexual female, this game is simply gorgeous <3 <3 <3

Thank you!! <3

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3 <3 <3


omg omg update <3. I hope we see more of victor in this one

A-aah... I-In the next one for sure!

No pressure babes coding is hard

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2B! Wait no, TwoC! And with that, you've earned yourselves a lifetime follower!

Seriously tho, love that costume and the update in general and also it's great to see someone enjoys NeiR Automata enough to put a costume of 2B in their game! If only you'd add the blindfolds in the hairstyle section too, that'll be perfect!

Hahaha. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3 That outfit was actually requested by one of our Necromancer patrons. And we might add the blindfolds too in the future!

Is Jean a romance option or just a flirt option? 🤔 


Jean is... Complicated... As of now there are two sex scenes with him but no romance. There are going to be more scenes with him in the future but it's going to be different and I can't say much more than that without going into heavy spoilers territory.


Do you plan on distributing this game through steam at any point? Love what you're doing by the way, not enough female focused adult content in the world.

Thank you! Glad to hear you're enjoying our work! <3

And yes! We do plan on releasing it on steam at some point, probably when it's done or very close to it.

Hi, sorry for asking but I´m having a bit of a problem. When I start the game, instead of the background images I just get a black screen with ocassional white columns, and when the character (I forgot the guys name sorry) appears is just a floating face. I thought it was my fault so I deleted it and extracted it again, when that didn´t work I deleted everything and downloaded it again thinking it might have been a broken file but nothing. I even searched up a video to make sure that it isn´t supposed to happen.

waiting for a reply, I hope you´re able to help


Ah, there is a problem that I haven't been quite able to fix yet. When you extract the .zip in a folder with a path that is too lenghty some files will go over the max character limit which will make them not get extracted properly. 

Try extracing the zip file somewhere else with a smaller path, the desktop usually does the trick!

okaaaay, thank you for replying quick!

Deleted 2 years ago

Oh! It's normal for the load files to have other chapter's in their name, that's just to mark where that save file is. 

And that scene is actually a game over that happens when you don't have enough money to pay the interest rates on Catherine's debt at the end of the month. So you'll need to go back before that scene gets triggered at the first day of the month, and if you don't have enough money you can always use the cheat menu to get some more.


male protag option? make more money that way

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Possibly, but it's impossible to add a male character option. Too much work to make the two options. We will make more games in the future, maybe one of them will have a male MC or option to choose between male and female, but not this one.


Just out of curiosity how many chapters do you have planned for the game? Loving the game by the way, just wanted to know that

Glad to hear you are enjoying it! <3 <3
We already know where and how the story ends, but we're still not sure how long it will take to get there. But if our planning is correct it's probably going to be around 8 to 10 chapters.


You said that the public release for Ch4  would be out by now, but is it yet? Can't wait for it tho

The patreon release is out already. The public release is coming tomorrow night!

In what UTC are you ?

So I don't have to refresh/reload the page every 5 minute, pretty, as pretty as every girls of your game is, please.

We're in UTC-3. Build is almost done, just waiting on the artist to finish the last CG. Although she told me it might still take a lil bit.

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No need to hurry, already waited two and a half months, 24hour more won't kill me, if it is worth it ( and i'm sur it will be *futa*).

Ho and I have read some comments below "early november" :D

Well, we released chapter 4 two weeks ago for our patrons. That was early november in my book. xD

We also don't stop working on the chapter after we release it and that is why it's taking a bit longer today, we are adding more scenes to chapter 4.

Will we see more scenes with Jean in act 4? Like the one in the brothel?

BTW: great game, love it!

Thank you! We're glad to hear you enjoyed our game!!! <3 <3 <3

And yes, there will be some more scenes with Jean in chapter 4, but sorry they will not be like the brothel one.

Oh well, can't have all. :P

the title is chapter 3....does that include 1 and 2 ?


Will you be adding anymore to this?

Yes we are! 

We released Chapter 4 for our Patreons last friday, and the public release is coming next week!

Is there a way to change the keybindings?  I'm playing on a laptop, so I don't have a "Middle Mouse Button" to access text history with.

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Ah! We need to add this to the menu with the keybindings, but you can also acess the text history with Z to go back and C to go forward!

Is it possible to provide a mega link?

Win | Mac | Linux | Android


When will chapter 4 be out?? Obsessed with this! Lol


Hahaha. We're very happy to hear you are enjoying it!! 

We release new builds every two weeks for our patrons. And public releases are every two and a half months. So, chapter 4 should be all done and ready for the public release in early november. 

Where do I find Chapter 1?

Right here, the game includes all chapters. Chapter 3 is only the latest one that got added to the game. :D

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I seem to have a problem with starting the game up. I can download it just fine (I use the Windows version), but whenever I try to run it an error message pops up saying I can't start it because UnityPlayer.dll is missing.

Any idea how I can fix this?

Edit: Nvm I finally figured it out I actually have like 2 iq

Hahaha. Hope you enjoy the game! <3

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How do I start it I'm stuck where I only see the title and background.

Edit: Might be a glitch since I seen white lines after I cursor my mouse across the screen, as I can't do anything with them.

Hm... If running the game as admin doesent solve it for you, you could try doing this:

Go to your "AppData/LocalLow" folder and find the "Necro Bunny Studios" directory. Move it somewhere else and launch the game. It will recreate this directory. Now merge your old directory with the new one and ignore the redundant files when the explorer asks you about it. This should work and allow you to keep your saves.

Can you think of a fix for this on android too? I've been running into this problem anytime I've tried to play the game

Hmmmm... I'm not too sure how you would solve that on android... But, I did make an automatic fix for this earlier this month, I haven't fully tested it out yet but you can try this build here.

When isbthe new updte ?

The next public  release is coming out in november.  You can keep up to date on the development on our patreon page, where we post weekly development updates.

Is the soundtrack made by you guys or can i find it on youtube? It's a nice soundtrack. Though the game is obviously much better :p

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Happy to hear you enjoyed the game and the music. It is not actually made by us, and I'm not sure if you will be able to find them all on youtube. We got them from various royalty free music websites, but a good chunk of them were composed by Alexander Nakarada

Any chance for the battle theme in particular? It's really nice~

Which one of them? This one?


Yesss, so nice. Thanks!

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You know at first,  I thought it’s just another porn game I’m surprised it  actually has an interesting storyline with a complex  characters. I’m enjoying  it all so far. :)

Since we haven’t seen much of Victor yet... May I ask if he’s the dominant or the submissive type?  Lol, I think he’s a dom, haha Dunno just a feeling... >_< 

Hahaha. Well, we're really glad  to hear that you are enjoying the game!! <3

And about Victor... Dunno, I feel like he is the type of man that will hug you tightly, and lovingly, then whisper that everything will be alright in your ear........ Then he gives you the D! Like the gentleman that he is.

Great VN and with really good plot and choices that actually impacts the storyline and scenes, love it!

Thank you very much! We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!!! <3

my saves seem to be gone. I've changed computer and I'm guessing that's why. So now I was wondering, in what folder is the saves stored so I can transfer them?

They are in your user folder \AppData\LocalLow\Necro Bunny Studios\Rise of the White Flower


Thank you


Hello, may I ask how does the scene with Catherine with the ball gag trigger? I seem to have missed it. 


Oh, and congrats on finishing chapter 3. Love it 🥰 

Glad to hear you liked it! <3

That scene is in the whore work route. You need to accept Antoinette's job offer and then do her events.

Strange.. already done the first client but there was no opportunity to work at the brothel the second time when last played?? I’ll check again. Sorry to bother you 😅

Oh don't worry about it, I'm always happy to help! Let me know if the scene doesn't show up for you, because that would be bad!!!

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Finally found out how to unlock the  scene!!! Only works when  I flirt with Antoniette though...  Was that intentional? 

Anyways, I hate that guy (you know who) lol  but at least the sex scenes with him are hot... Am I weird haha


I love this game :)

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Thank you so much! We're really happy to know that you love it! <3


any guess on the next updates release date, great game btw :)


Later today, actually! And, we're glad you like it. <3


Hello, I love this game, but may I ask  is Khai a possible love interest? He's cute


I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! <3

As for Khai, he is most certainly going to be around and we have a few more scenes planned for him. And, who knows? Maybe the nazurian can steal Catherine's heart!


Hello, I recently finished what's released so far, and I absolutely LOVE it (It doesn't hurt that the MC shares my name). If I can ask, what is the CG with Jean and the chains from?

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I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! <3

And, that CG is from the game over scene. It is not that clear in this version (we're working on it!) but, every month you have to pay towards Catherine's debt. If you don't have enough money at the start of a new month, that scene triggers.

I have started running into a glitch in this game where at the main menu the prompts for things like continue or new game do not show up and now i cant play, weirdly enough i can still highlight the areas where they should appear, does anyone know how to fix this?

Hm... If running the game as admin doesent solve it for you, you could try doing this:

Go to your "AppData/LocalLow" folder and find the "Necro Bunny Studios" directory. Move it somewhere else and launch the game. It will recreate this directory. Now merge your old directory with the new one and ignore the redundant files when the explorer asks you about it. This should work and allow you to keep your saves.

Thanks a bunch! it loaded in properly after i moved the Necro Bunny Studios directory.

Glad to hear it!

i can not describe in words how much i love this game, i'll eagerly be awaiting updates!!

Thank you so much! We are very glad you're enjoying the game so far, and we'll be hard at work (*wink*) to keep making quality content for the future updates! <3 

hi I'm wondering if there is a problem in the current build as all the cg's seem to either go to a black screen or to a white screen, even in the gallery

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Hello, everything is working fine on my end. What OS are you playing in?

I'm playing on windows, really liking the game so far

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Someone was having a similar problem before, could you try following what has been outlined in the comments here? That might solve your problem as well, and let me know if it does not!

It worked!!! thank you for the help, keep up the great work with the game

Glad to hear it!


I am SO excited for the full release and glad to know there'll be more male love interests and sex scenes :) girls attracted to men are so neglected in the nsfw game community so i'm extra happy about this. i really enjoyed the demo! the bj with (spoiler) really ended up getting me interested in him, i wonder if we'll get an enemies-to-fuck-buddies or enemies-to-lovers storyline


Thank you so much! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying our game. <3 
I also share the feeling that girls with male interests are kinda neglected in nsfw games (we get a lot of cutesy otome games, but c'mon! we have needs too, lol!), so that was something I really wanted to add into our game. So, if you already like what we have so far (not wanting to spoil anything), I think you'll love the scenes and characters we have planned for the future releases! <3 

I've been having issues running the app on Mac. When I double click it only says that the application cant be opened. I've tried the chmod +x command in terminal but it doesn't seem to be working. 

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Sorry for the delayed response but since I don't have a mac I had to call on a friend to help me test it out. 

Basicly it seems to be a permission problem and he solved it by using the chmod +x. You can try following these guidelines to make sure you executed it correctly. Other than that I can't really help you because my knowlodge of mac is limited, but I will be looking into this matter further for the next release.

Very well made. The art is also very nice and has a bright aesthetic especially compared to some of the dialogue. I have a question though are there going to be more male interests in the future as it seems mostly female on female?

Thank you! We're happy to hear that you enjoyed it. 

And, yes! There will be more male interests. Victor is coming back very soon, and we are introducing a new male character on our next chapter release! Plus, as we continue development and add even more characters to the game, you can be sure we will be adding some more male options as well.

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