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This game's fantastic. Good mix of porn and story. I'd personally love to see more of Catherine being subby in bed (but a queen outside).


came for the porn, stayed for the story, came for the porn.

seriously though, the story in this is actually amazing. i feel like at this point i shouldn't be so surprised by porn/erotica games having amazing stories, but im not complaining. im thoroughly hooked on the story and i'm eager to see more of it. 10/10 game

just got version 0.11.3 after not playing since chapter 6, but i've been having a glitch on a fresh save where i can't progress past the first quest with eleanor since no new scenes pop up

it's not a glitch, I did things differently back in the day. After Eleanor's scene you have to raw visit the tavern (without any events appearing), you will find Eleanor there with a bunch of dialogue options. I belive the option that triggers the next quest is to ask her about the Emperor.

oh i see! sorry about that, thank you for your reply!!<3

No worries!


This game has the perfect amount of horniness and story that just makes my brain go gaga. What I'm trying to say is, the game's frickin amazing. 


Thank you! Really happy to hear you enjoyed it!


How do I keep Jean from becoming JEANNE?


You can't.


Jeanne is a total upgrade


android 11 can play this but play it on parallel space

I've tried opening it through Parallel Space but when I start new game it's a black screen with the UI. 

Am I doing something wrong or is my phone just not good enough? 😂 (it is rather old now) 

try install the add ons...something called parallel space 64-bit support

Thanks. I did all that, but still just black screen except UI. 

I'm going to presume it's my phone. It's a Note 9, and I believe they were top of the range in 1974, so not surprised I'm having issues. 


Update 0.11.0.b cannot be downloaded with the itch app, the version selection stays blank


I'm unfamiliar with the itch app, but I haven't done anything different than usual when uploading the files. Although, if you're refering to the android version, perhaps it is because the file went beyond 1 GB? I'll look into it.

Why doesn't the android version work?


Android is clamping down on third party software in the name of security. Because we are not making the game natively, newer versions do not give us permission to create files, which means we can't get the game to save. You can bypass that by opening the game through an app called Parallel Space though.

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omg the game is going in such a great direction! I'm kinda sad that the whole inventory and chemistry placeholders were dumped, but I guess the devs were biting more than they could chew with that one. The story is going great and I love the extra scenes for each romance (though I only experienced Lena). I hope at some point they add the scenes of the characters telling you you've done everything on this version as part of the gallery or something, I missed them for quite a few updates and they're funny

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Glad to hear you are enjoying it! 

And the ending scenes have been giving me some trouble but I'll try to get them going once more.


that's great news! thanks for replying!

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Other than the plot sequence there are no personal scenes. I was kind of trying to romance Viktor, so I have no other romance locked in, but shouldn't the threesome with Jeanne and Ellie show up at least? I just kinda read the dwarven village in a summary and then it's already the end with looking at the northern lights? Maybe I'm spoiled but it feels like something is missing.

I'm not complaining, the story is amazing, but if there's something that doesn't work it'd be a shame. I started from an old safe file, though that shouldn't be an issue?

Huh... I don't belive there's any Jeanne and Eleanor threesome?  Do you mean the interlude scenes between the big events?

Also, we've added Marius romance in the latest release, and now we're working on Briwala's. Victor is likely going to be the next one.

no the vamp lady...............whose name is Evelyn? I'm sorry, I'm really bad with names, esp similar ones. but yeah. the interlude went by really fast with just some text about the dwarves unwilling to really cooperate and no romance, but if Viktor isn't implemented yet it's probably that. it felt a little weird to go a full new update with no sex scene at all. I do really like the story elements though, it never gets boring and still all fits into the world lore without feeling tagged on. Thanks for answering!

Yeah, because we're in the endgame now I have been giving a lot of attention to the story. We are having a release every now and again without sex scene because the action scenes require our artist's full attention, and we try to have a release every three weeks. But when I implement Victor's romance I'll add it like it started earlier and add extra scenes for him.


💕 I'm very much looking forward to replaying it all then and will just go the harlot route until then! Good health and energy levels, may the muses be with you guys!

Thank you! We appreciate the vibes!

Hey man I'm an android player i use the parallel space app to run the game it works like a charm but please add  chapter selection in the game because each time I uninstall and reinstalled after each update the saves would just vanish  and I have to play from the start again and also please add a skip dialogue button for Android. I'll be very grateful if these features are added in game.

Thank you.

Chapter  selection is difficult to implement due to the volume of options that each chapter has. But I can work a skip dialogue button in.


Android version not working for anyone else?


The Unity whole thing is a stupid mess of corporate greed.  It's not the only engine out there but damn, is sad nonetheless to see so many content creators, from the most beautiful and sexy visual novel to the exquisite and very well done masterpieces like Cuphead. Truly a shame. Hope you guys don't get affected by it


Thank you for the concern. We are quite disapointed in the direction Unity has been going and are probably going to switch engines for our next project. Even though the changes aren't really affecting us at the moment.


Hey, I don't mind. As long as you keep the beautiful drawing and writing and those oh so sexy scenes, I'll be there to worship you all. Jesus, what a simp. Ugh


Android doesn't work?


Nvm it works I did it on parallel space .

hey man I heard that unity is bringing a new payment policy for its game engine how is the game development faring ,as I noticed your game runs on unity?

The whole thing won't affect us at the moment. Development is continuing without a hitch. After the game is finished we'll decide if we need to switch engines or not.

Aaahhh that's good to know👍


Interesting so far. Catherine is hilarious at times, love her personality. Great game.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Just wondering as I played the game to its fullest (on the build I had at the time) and was wondering if there's any way to fully submit to characters like Jean or a sort of corruption/slut route? There wasn't when I initially played and I love when games give you those sort of options as it gives me more to do and it also gives me a bit more of a want to replay it as I can do a regular playthrough/pure playthrough and then a more slutty playthrough afterwards. Great game and loved my time with it but not played in a little while so curious on if there's been any changes with those sort of things in mind?


I recently put together a list of routes actually. I have yet to post it anywhere permanent that I can link to you so I'll just post it here. As for corruption, Evelyn's and Yda's route have themes of corruption though they are somewhat mild in Yda's route.

Romancable romantic partners

Amelie - Group Sex, Rough, Futa, FF, MF
Briwalla - Rough, Futa, Roleplay
Eleanor(Love) - FF, Handholding
Eleanor(Slave) - BDSM, Dom/Sub, Slave, FF
Khai - MF, Handholding, Catboy Lena - FF, Surprisingly Handholding
Marius - MF, Rough
Evelyn/Mordred - FF, Corruption, Futa, BDSM, Slave, Threesome
Seralli - FF, Handholding
Victor - MF
Yda - FF, Bondage, Corruption, Loss of Control, Tentacles

-Romancable romantic partners

Elara - Futa
Jean/Jeanne - Rough, Dom/Sub, Gender Swap, Slave, MF, FF
Kyo - FF, Switch Labashi - MF
Sigrid - Futa Sylvara - FF
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Awesome thank you haha. I'm sure you're still working on stuff but I have a few more questions as well. Do you plan on giving the player more to do in the future? As of right now aside from doing the quests/side quests the game gives you or either choosing to fuck, ignore or romance certain characters there's not much to do in the game. Will there be a combat system? Or more side quests in future updates? Will there be more consequences to actions you make or lack of action? For example not having enough money to pay your debt off, lacking a certain level of skill to choose certain options in the dialogue or actions because you didn't train at the gym enough etc etc. Again love the game it's tons of fun but just some questions I have is all since I'm curious on what plans you have for the game as the only real issue I had with it was the lack of things to do since you can't interact during combat leaving you with just the main/side quests that are currently given to you for you to do while you play. No hate just some criticism/questions!


For this game we have nothing else that we plan to add. Only a handful of improvements here and there. But we're getting close to finishing Rise and for the next game we want to add more stuff. For now we have a combat system planned, and a sort of adventuring system that we have yet to properly design so I can't give more informations at the moment. That on top of the visual novel elements that we have on Rise.


Fair enough! Well I can't wait to see what sort of stuff you do for the next game and this one. Keep up the excellent work!


We'll do our best!


Amazing game, especially for a dnd fan like me. I’m still very early but I’m already excited for the possibility of Eleanor becoming an Eldritch Knight.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Deleted 164 days ago

is there any breast expansion/bimbofication content in the game, or is there any planned breast expansion/bimbofication content for this game?

There is no bimbofication in the game, nor do we have any planned. But there are a few instances of breast expansion already.

When is an andriod fix coming?


When android stops cracking down on third-party software. Might be never.  In the meantime you can use the app Parallel Space to get the game to run.


I'm on android and i just get a black screen with icons

I would like to know if there will be more futanari content in this game, I would like to suggest you to sell the game for 5$ USD for better income and better performance in updates

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"


We're always adding more futa content to the game, so you can certainly expect more of it.


Bro what the fuck fix this shit dame it there is no way your going to make android users wait this long come on i want to keep on going with this game so hurry it up dame it!!!!

I'm on the android version and I've run into a bit of a snag. I cant figure out how to play now that I've become the legate and live in the camp. I have peoples icons, but when I tap on them they just get larger until I let go. Am I missing something?

Huh. They should work just like the buttons in the city, you can click on them and it will show you a pop up with the event. I confess that I didn't test those buttons on android, but it's the first I'm hearing of a problem with them. Maybe if you double tap it?

I tried that, but nothing. It acknowledges the input, but it doesn't do anything but enlarge the icon for a moment 

I'll take a look at it as soon as I can.


Hey, I wanted to report a few bugs. I tried replaying the game from the beginning and a lot of stuff changed?

  • Everytime Victor appears, he appears in the new form than the original one.
  • After choosing between Autammark Gorge and Old Forest in chapter 2, the second option doesn't play through. Like If I choose Old Forest I never end up meeting Khai because I never end up going to Autammark Gorge.
  • The last save I made with the beginning of the latest scene with Victor starts playing in the middle of Chapter 2 like after the first scene with Amelie, the last save plays out.
  • The scene with Jean when Catherine fails to pay back her loan doesn't play through at all.
  • In the Batria route, everytime Catherine goes home, it opens up in Legio Valantia Camp and doesn't glitch back.

There are probably more but I got frustrated trying to get back to Batria after every scene and gave up. Please fix these, I've been playing since 2 years and I really love your game.

Thank you for the reports, I'll be looking into these as soon as I can.

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So, I have done extensive tests on my end and I have failed to reproduce any of these bugs. Analysing the code, my suspicion is that your "new" save files for some reason have story flags from events that haven't happened yet set to true. Please make a backup of your save files, then delete them and start a new game to see if the problems persist.

The save files are store in C:\Users\%username\AppData\LocalLow\Necro Bunny Studios\Rise of the White Flower

Great game! I'm on chapter 9 and have enjoyed it thus far. One question though is Amelie Romanceable/will be Romanceable?

Yes. I think it is already implemented.

Not fully implemented yet. But yes, we have a romance route planned for her.


Hello there ... I downloaded the android version and it says on the main menu it's not working ... Is this fixed yet or is it going to take a bit longer ?


We're not working on a fix.

You can try using the app called Parallel Space. It allows you to clone apps, to run separate accounts on Twitter, and stuff like that. But if you clone Rise using that app and run it through there it works! Or at least it worked for me and some other people that tested it.

The problem is that we don't have permission to save the game anymore because android is cracking down on third-party apps like ours, we don't have permission to write on the device anymore, which means we can't save the game. This app works around that limitation and gives the game the proper permissions

Deleted 274 days ago

It doesn't work for newer versions of android. No reason not to make it available for those that are running older versions.




It seems there is a bug in the quest to gather the potion ingredients: If you go to the forest first you're automatically sent back to the city after the nymph and you can't go to the lake.


I'm running across this bug but also a bug where after getting the owl familiar, and deciding Catherine's path, it sends her to the city.


Great game with lots of futaxfemale.  This game has so much great content. thank you for the release!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

is the stats tab usually empty or is it a bug?

It's a bug, I've fixed it in a more recent version, it should make it's way here before long.

Do you plan to add more characters or a way to keep Jean a dude?


No. Although more characters might be introduced they will be introduced only to aid in the plot.


The game doesn't work on android


Read the comments below, this has been already discussed a couple times.

Are the choices for a romance path only available when they appear for the first time? Or can I choose to romance a certain character at a later point as well? I'd like to avoid having to repeat hours of gameplay only because I can't choose a path at a later point.


So far you can only chose to enter a romance route when it first becomes available.


I see :) Will this change in the future?
Thanks for answering, and have a nice day :D

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Perhaps, but I don't really think it will. What I might do eventually is add a cheat option to allow players to do all scenes without  restriction.

Sounds good to me!

Do you know what scenes we lose out on if we chose to romance a character? 


I do, but it's hard to just give you a list because there are way too many variables involved in what scenes you do and don't.
Lena, which is the earliest romance route you can access, allows you to sleep around no problem, so you don't lose many scenes at all. Evelyn, Yda's, and Amelie's (to be added) romance are also open. Eleanor's, Khai's, and Marius (to be added) are closed relationships so you mostly just have access to their scenes. Other romance routes are still undefined at this moment.

Hey so you just can't play on Android anymore or what?

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this isnt working on windows 

it says 

"Unfortunately, Due to drastic changes in the newer version of Android the game doesnt work with this version at the moment "

what should i do

i had downloaded it miltiple times

this will work- Try running it as administrator.

Up, i wanna know too

That means it can't acess the save folder. Try running it as administrator.

Deleted 314 days ago

thanks man 

it worked

How do you run it as administrator?

Right click on it, then select "Run as administrator"

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Parallel Space wont open the game unless I use the 64bit version of Parallel Space, which doesn't work on my phone at all...

I'm unable to download through itch. Is there a way for me to fix this?


Looks like the tower home room replaces the default one even when it shouldn't (i.e., earlier in the story when she hasn't moved into the tower yet).0

How early are we talking about?

(1 edit)

Upon playtesting some more, it seems to be a caching issue. If I load from the beginning or a save prior to the transition, everything works normally. But if at any point during a session I load a save or enter a segment using the new room, if I load a previous save, it retains the new room look.

*It seems like loading a save from before chapter 4 doesn't affect it, but chapter 4 and on is affected, as are new games.

Ah I see, thanks for the testing I'll try to get to the bottom of this.


Does anyone know if we can romance Jean? Is there a relationship route with him?


Kinda, but i'll wager is far from what you're expecting.

When will there be a fix for android version to work properly


You can try using the app called Parallel Space. It allows you to clone apps, to run separate accounts on Twitter, and stuff like that. But if you clone Rise using that app and run it through there it works! Or at least it worked for me and some other people that tested it.

The problem is that we don't have permission to save the game anymore because android is cracking down on third-party apps like ours, we don't have permission to write on the device anymore, which means we can't save the game. This app works around that limitation and gives the game the proper permissions

Mate this is actually legit bro it actually works properly on my android phone, although i don't think ur saves will carry through the next version.

Are you sure about that? Look at F-Droid or NewPipe. Both are third-party, and both store settings and alike without losing stuff.

I have actually located the directory of another third-party app, Mitch, an Android client. Preferences are stored as expected in an XML file that is located in /data/data/<package_name>.

So it should be entirely possible to save a game on Android. Yes, things have changed, but that doesn't break them.

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Ah, yes, the ONE damn thing thats good about android is being broken. I couldn't even access my data folder on my new phone, I had to downgrade my android version. Such fucking bullshit. It makes me so mad... the only thing I like about android over iphone is the fact I can easily get apks. I mean, what idiot at android is approving all this? If I want to be unsafe and download random apps, thats MY choice. Im currently running android 10, and games can still read and write. However, when I try to play and hit new game, the screen is just black for me. The UI is there and I can interact but nothing is showing text or picture wise.

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