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when i get back from the kobold quest it says that ive reached the last scene of the current build and reinstalling wont work either

Go to the tavern and talk to Eleanor. That will allow you to continue the game.

Is it safe to transfer saves to new versions on Android?

I cant play the android version its saying something about drastic changes in the android version and that it no longer works is there any news about a fix? 

Can't get the Mac version to run, even after extracting from the .app.tar and doing the right click to open -> "allow game to run."

Hi! Is this game mostly female love interests? I saw 3 guys and I read one of them becomes a woman, so only 2 guys and the rest are girls? 🤔

Can I transfer saves to newer versions on android?

windows version doesn't work for me anymore i've tried uninstalling and wiping the files from computer and reinstalling and i've tried running the game as administrator but it just says that with the dirastic changes in the android version it no longer works. anyone know if there is any fixes?

Run the game as administrator. It probably doesn't have permission to access the save location.

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How can i download the older versions ?

You can't.

So there isnt a way to play on android anymore ?

You can download the app Parallel Space and run the game through it. That resolves the issue.

I tried 4 different apps doesnt work for me

As Bunny said, the app Parallel Space should work. That app specifically. It works for me.

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Had a weird error come up after I un-zipped the folder for v0.9.2 (before c or d versions came out) where the folder seemingly duplicated itself so I had two of them. Strangely deleting one left the other but it was completely empty. So I just had an empty folder on my computer say it cannot delete itself as it "Could not find the file".

The newer versions haven't had this issue but still want to let ya know about it. I fixed it by using CMD to remove it, so at least its gone now :D

Hmm. Thats weird, thanks for letting me know.

May there be Chinese?

Unfortunately we don't have the budget to translate the game to other languages.

Latest update for Android won't install. Version

I updated the file, try downloading it again.

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Thanks for the fix :)

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Oof guess I can't play it anyway. Doesn't work on Android 11.

You can try using the app called Parallel Space.
It allows you to clone apps, to run separate accounts on Twitter, and stuff like that. But if you clone Rise using that app and run it through there it works! Or at least it worked for me and some other people that tested it.

The problem is that we don't have permission to save the game anymore because android is cracking down on third-party apps like ours, we don't have permission to write on the device anymore, which means we can't save the game. This app works around that limitation and gives the game the proper permissions

Could it be the reason why some other games here ask for permission to access all files?


is this version working with android 11

Now that we've got a way to play on Android, I've got to ask is it updated to the latest version of the game? Or was it's updates paused do to the past play problem?

Yes! I never stopped exporting the android version as it still worked fine on the earlier versions of android.

awesome! Does the content end after she enters her tower she made when her and her army make camp?

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Kinda. If you're on Eleanor's slave route you also get a scene with her after. Though, in any case, there should be a small end of content scene that plays automatically. You didn't get that?

No, she joins her legion in their camp and the last option I got was "Now to make this place feel more like home". Then when I press go out it shows this, and the only option is "I better tell Yda the news". And after that there's no more options, it just shows the option to go back to my house (in the city, not the tower) and the gym.

Hmm... I did upload a bugfix on Friday. Perhaps you don't have the latest version?

The saves name is "Looking for trouble" if that helps to tell you what part I'm at


Art's great, SPAG is excellent which is incredible for a work this long with so many branching paths, and the descriptions do their jobs wonderfully.

But, and this probably sounds like a weird complaint, it's VERY hard to fail. Like, I decided to start a new playthrough and intentionally go for all the worst dialogue choices and while I missed a few sex scenes, it doesn't seem like much else is changing. I really wish that poor choices, ESPECIALLY during fights, had clear costs (immediate and/or long-term).

I know sometimes that isn't going to be possible (I might have little interest in Eleanor but you justified her staying interested with some masochism even when we specifically choose just unpleasant options and having her and her relationship be optional would change far too much to be viable to write, as an example),  but unless the player goes out of their way to burn a bunch of days even the bad ending (I was hoping it'd be a route unto itself but I totally understand not doing that) is pretty hard to get by accident.

Have I just not played for long enough? I stopped after the orc fight, so it's definitely possible I'm missing later choices which have a more radical effect.


This is by design. I hate arbitrary bad ends in VN's as it's often hard to figure out ahead of time which options lead to them, long routes that eventually end in a game over because of a decision you took way back are especially a no go for me. The game is not supposed to be challenging, it's supposed to be a story you can enjoy free of stress.

That said, there are some new mechanics that are coming out on the latest build that involves the management of an army. I still will not add arbitrary bad ends, and it won't be too hard to manage the army, but perhaps you would enjoy the extra weight of each decision? There is a lot at stake after all.


That's fair. I like bad ends in VNs if getting a not bad end isn't hell or if backtracking isn't a massive pain, but I can understand not wanting to add them here.

Also, sorry if I was rude!

Also, I'm guessing the only bad end will never be its own route?


No worries at all, I didn't think you were rude! 
I'm thinking about adding a bad end route... Just... Need to figure it out properly before, it would be a massive undertaking to add it.


Ah, please don't feel pressured to do so! 

But if you do want to go for it, I wish you the best of luck. I can't imagine how much work everything already in the game already took, so please don't burn yourself out!

Even if you can't fail, sometimes, you must chose... But sometimes it's hard to choose

I love this game but the day after playing it for the first time it stopped working on the windows version because of the updates on the android and I really wanna continue playing.

On the windows version? Try running the game as administrator.

yes the windows version, it says "due to drastic changes in the android version this one no longer works"


for those who have a new version of android, I advise you to download a parallel space and everything will work.


Oh wow, I tested it on my device and it really does work! Thanks for letting me know! <3

Can you explain how to do that? Sorry, I'm dumb.


Install the app, then when you open it it will ask for you to select apps to clone. Select Rise of the White Flower and continue. Then just open the game from the next screen.

What app did you use for the parallel space? The one I tried didn't work. I really want to play the game but only can on androi

parallel space

If Parallel Space doesn't work, like it didn't for me, try downloading Super Clone or any app that's similar to Parallel Space, that actually allowed me to play the game on the new Android version.

Mate I really love this game but i recently got a new Android phone and the games not working on it my eyes literally started tearing up is ther any way u can make this game compatable with Android12 and maybe even on other upcoming Android versions pleassss!! 

PS - I can't play the game in my pc cuz it's in the living room.

I can't do much at the moment unfortunately. Android made changes that make it harder for us to develop for android without going native. And mobile is not our focus, or my competence for that matter, so we won't be making another whole version of the game natively just so it can run on newer versions of android.

Such a shame maaan!! I probably won't be able to play it for 2 or 3 years unless I get my own laptop or something.I guess I'll just try the game for every update and hope that it runs on my phone.

Any ideas on when it might work on android

I'm normally not real keen on playing a female character in these VNs, but man is this story well written and developed. I actually didn't feel any cringe with this one because it's such an amazing story. Hell, I even had a moment where I was super proud of the MC and got emotional. That says something!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


I wish I can play this on andriod 11


still can't play on android 12


Awsome game wow 😉

a bug report, in preferences, I set music volume to 0, but the intro music keep going sound.  I restart the game, but the problem persists.

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Oh, thanks for the report. I'll look into it

Does it work for android 12?

Probably not.

are there animations?

There are some very crude animations here and there, but overall I'd have to say no.

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I have a bug report for you (this is not a new one). If you decline to have sex in chapter five with the half-orc bard whose name I forget, the game thinks that you sexed her anyway (relationships screen shows 1/1 scenes unlocked and her status as lover, and IIRC, later dialogue alludes to it having happened).

Oh, thanks for the report. I'll get it fixed!

it's a shame it doesn't work on Android 11


Your profile picture describes my feelings on the matter perfectly.

Cant you give it to someone to make a port out of pc version

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Will chapter 9 be released to the public? If so, when?

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Yes, either this or next Friday. We're doing some changes to the interface and we'll release it as soon as they are done.


Okay, great. I was somewhat confused when it didn't release last Friday night/Saturday morning but didn't want to be impatient. I'll be looking forward to it.

I love your work, btw. You are great at both characterization and world-building (it's rare to see that together; I'm usually happy if someone is great at one and decent at the other). Plus, (speaking as a man) women write the best porn, yours being no exception.

Thanks! <3


When I open the game i get a message that says the game doesn't work with my Android version and when I press the new game option all i get is a black screen.

My Android is version 6

Please help

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Only a suggestion cant you give it to someone make a ported pc version for Android. will it work then .may be  it will be late that other updates on itch but atleast we will get to play.


So the game does not work on Android 11+?

Yes. Android made changes that make it harder for us to develop for android without going native. And mobile is not our focus, or my competence for that matter, so we won't be making another whole version of the game natively just so it can run on newer versions of android.


aaaa I have such a huge crush on Marius holy cow.  As a (mmm mostly) straight woman I have been waiting for my sexy dark edgelord for a while now <3  Hoping for much more content with him (relationship path? haven't tried those out yet but I wanna be claimed by himmm haha)  Still love the lesbian content too, really cute characters who are so lovely and annoying <3
anyway sending love and cookies for making female protag nsfw games where she doesn't get raped 83492 times (but still keeps it kinky!!)


Glad you enjoyed it! And don't worry we have more content and a romance path for him coming soon!

Is there something wrong with the non-compressed DL. Keeps saying there's no file when i click on it


Fixed it!



Its really strange this is the only game ive played effected by android changes. Also super disappointing since this is one of the best games ive played.

I apparently lost all my saves? Im just playing this chapter but I dont see my saves anymore, which is weird since when I check the files on the locallow folder everything seems to be fine, I made sure to re extract on the desktop just in case and still nothing

Oh and please if anyone knows of some way to maybe fix it please tell me, I've been following this story since like chapter 4, chapter by chapter, I don't want to stop now just because I'd have to skip over dozens of hours of content to continue

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That's weird. I never heard of something like that happening. I'm trying to think of what could make something like that happen, but nothing comes to mind. If you create a new save file, does it show up on the folder properly?

Just saw this and it made me realize I did something wrong and got mixed up on the folders for the saves! thanks for replying!

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man i just finished the current content and i must say im amazed at all the effort that went into the characters, the world, and the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), great game can't wait for more!

Thank you so much! <3 Glad you enjoyed it!


Latest version won't work on Android, will there be a fix around this anytime soon? :'(

Yes agreed.


How many chapters are planned?

We don't have a hard number but we expect it's going to be something around 12 chapters.

Will latest version work in Android

Not on 11.

Do you anticipate working on Android 11 in the near future?

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The problem is that they don't want to work with us. Android made changes that make it harder for us to develop for android without going native. And mobile is not our focus, or my competence for that matter, so we won't be making another whole version of the game natively just so it can run on newer versions of android.

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Only a suggestion cant you give it to someone make a ported pc version for Android. will it work then . may be  it will be late that other updates on itch but atleast we will get to play.


Didn't expect it to be an interesting world with developed lore and likable characters when I clicked on it but I've actually really liked reading through this and it's not the typical "kinetic" VN you see in this category with shoices that change the outcome and relationships that develop over time.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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