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Warning: This game has adult content and is meant for 18+. Follow the story of Catherine Belrose, a commoner that has just graduated from the Academy of Magic in the capital of the Empire. While her training has made her into an elite in the Empire, studying in a school meant for nobles has left her with a soul-crushing debt to repay.

Knowing that the only way she can get as much cash as she needs is by joining the Adventurers Guild, an organization that employs mercenaries to deal with the ever-present threat of monsters, she does just that. But, there are those that do not want to see her succeed, and she is going to have to work hard for everything she aims to achieve.

Guide Catherine in this epic quest, join forces with dozens of like-minded adventurers and embark on many adventures in a world filled with magic. And while you are at it, discover how deeply the corruption runs in the heart of the empire, discover the secrets of the world of Valarien and it's rich history, uncover dark secrets better left buried in the sands of time, and pursue romance, or just casual sex, with the many companions that will join Catherine on her journey.

Will Catherine be able to pay off her student loan? Or will she fail and become a slave? It is up to you!

The game is still in development and you can support us on Patreon to get access to new builds earlier and actively participate on some of the development choices. Your support is also going to help us to keep improving and expanding the game!


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RotWF Ch7 - Android
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Can you please turn jean into a man? He was better like that

So maybe he realizes he made a mistake( he's not really a evil person) and they need to replace his father because he's a traitor so they turn jean into who he was and he be head of his family and be on their side to make his mistakes right?????

Can this happen?


How do I fix this the play button not showing

no 32 bit support

when there will be new sexy scenes of Catherine as a waitress? :P, also more stuff with Jeanne plz <3

Hmmm... Dunno if we'll have more Catherine as a waitress tbh. But, more Jeanne stuff? For sure!


Goddess freaking damn it! Please don't stop! Loving how the storyline is going, Marius is now my bu (he just doesn't know it yet). The relationship building with Catherine and Kyo is great, the (non-sexual) build of older siblings looking after Eleanor is great. When is my next fix being released because HOT DAMN!? And yes to more Marius and Khai! And Jean/Jeanne!


Cool game and all but that one part.10-20 minutes of just Eleanor and Kyo killed the whole mood for me,it was so fucking annoying.All i could think about finishing the game as quick as possible and move on,maybe one day ill come back and finish this game


Still hoping for the game to work on Android 11. *crosses fingers*

Still don't work on 11

Whens the new update?

it has been out for a few days already.

Hello, when I want to start the game it does not show me the menu What can i do to fix this?


It doesn't work on android 11 yet. You can use vmos or anyother emulator on your device to play until the developer fixes the issue

whens the new update?😔

It's coming out in a few hours.


please fix this I'm Android 11 

It doesn't work on android 11 yet. You can use vmos or anyother emulator on your device to play until the developer fixes the issue


please what this?????

Is the public release a week after the patreon release or what?

We do releases every three weeks, so the public release will come out on the 26/11

Damn I don’t wanna complain cause free is free but I wish it were coming sooner T.T

4 days left!!!, So excited😜


I'm android 11 stuck how do you fix this??

same issue here

When is the next update!!! I can't wait anymore!!!

Next month! We're almost there.

Should we expect something big?

new scenes?

Many new scenes! About 70k words worth of new content

Gr8!!,How exciting.Take ur time,Perfection takes time.

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The menu on android is broken since it doesn't show Start (New Game), Load, Preferences (Options), etc. Be great if you could fix it.


Android 11 issue. Nothing I can do. Read the other comments, I talked about that issue at length already.


Honestly - quite a good game overall, I'm seriously impressed. There's some grammar/punctuation issues at parts, but I like how detailed it is. I might be weird but I like games with tons of reading in them.

Couple requests/comments: First, you might want to limit certain quests, one of the other characters came over to the house and saw female Jean before I did the quest where he/she was even introduced.

Also, can there be a more wholesome/less kinky Eleanor romance path? The dominance and stuff works with some characters (especially Kyo), but tbh I think a more wholesome angle would work really well with her, considering there's more interaction between the two and kind of a stronger friendship. Weird thing to say about a porn game but whatever.

Otherwise, 9/10. 


I can't play it. I can only see the title screen


Are you android? That happens with Android 11 and sometimes on Android 10. If you're on desktop try running the game as administrator.

Yes, I'm android

I download the apk and I click install and then it just says "The app did not install." I've downloaded it 3 times.

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Started giving the game a play through,, but I have to ask.. is futa forced on us ? I seriously not into chick with dicks.   Just not my thing, I like my chicks pure.   Yet I feel like now I have to do the futa quests to progress ?  I dont see any other way to pogress the game ?  Why would I want to steal the futa potion when I dont want it.  Thought maybe there would be an option to turn futa off, but I dont see it.

I don't really remember if there was any way to not have that specific quest but you can always just hold Ctrl, skip it and pretend it didn't happen, is not like those scenes have any importance in the story 

(4 edits) (-1)

The good:

This game has a very high quality of technical and art execution, and robust and intuitive UI design. Everything runs smoothly, the art and the animations are always perfect, and the writing linguistically very good.

More suprisingly, it does so flawlessly, even on linux, without being a resource hog.

A couple of things, though, make this game less than the sum of its parts.

The bad:

 - it *really* is a VN. There is no agency, the story path is almost entirely linear with no real options to develop characters in different ways

- kink-wise, what I have only been able to discover is limited to vanilla lesbian sex and a bit of straight sex, with *very* light levels of bondage

The ugly:

- the lore and character development are *extremely* verbose, there is pages and pages of text to read through, but I feel that this content is so generic that none of it really make a difference as to how the player relates to the character

- the plot is just your run-of-the-mill fantasy "big evil menace is spawning monsters everywhere while manipulating the nobility to betray the king".... 1995 called: Slayers want their plot back...


The "bad" isn't really a bad, is a characteristic some people prefer and some don't. The ugly well is arguable but I won't get into it, what you say is fair enough

is there anyway to delete all data because I already got to the end of whats been made so far and now upon attempted replay after splitting up with eleanor  the scene with catherine and that pale dude (can't remember his name) teasing chapter 7 starts playing.

That... Shouldn't happen... I'll take a look at it. 

In the meantime, the saves are here: C:\Users\<local username>\AppData\LocalLow\Necro Bunny Studios\Rise of the White Flower


I haven't played this game in a suuuuper long time glad I found it again, I hope we get to domm the arrogant blonde elf if its not in the recent one because he deserves it <3

Is there animations for the android version?


I really like this. the scenes are hot, the characters are fun and the writing is better than I really expected and it already seemed to be above most similar games. 

a few things i feel the need to point out however. while there's evidently a fair amount of attempts of being inclusive there are moments where it feels like Catherine is talking over marginalized people, the "futa" stuff could use a re-write as certain parts feels potentially harmful towards trans people and the SPOILER slave bit seems confused in these similar aspects. like i get the force-femming thing and that the artist shut down any potential of customization but there's still things that could probably be done to avoid harm. 

overall I'm still very impressed with what I've played so far. 


Then they avoid it?


me android 11 stuck main screen


Unfortunately there is an issue with Android 11 and Unity as it chamged the way Android does a lot of stuff. We'll have to wait for a fix for Unity, as Google are unlikely to change anything

No support for 32 bit windows? :(


Do you know if I can transfer my save from android to PC? I switched phones and my new one doesn't support the game unfortunately. And if I can what file would I need to move?

Hmmm... It technically is possible, I think. The save files are saved separately and they're the same as on PC. But Unity handles the specific paths in the devices, so I don't really know where exactly the files are stored on android. or if you can even access them.  But, if you do start from scratch, you can hold S on your keyboard. It will skip all text and stop whenever you need to make a decision. You can get to the latest chapter in a few minutes using that.

Alright thanks! I'll do some digging and see if I can find the file and if I can't, I don't mind enjoying the story again :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I gave up initially but I gave it a second go after installing the PC version. Turns out my saves were under Android/data/com.DuplicaDinamica.ProductName/files so I'd been looking for the wrong folder the whole time (I assumed it would be under something like NecroBunny or rotw). Didn't have any issues copying the files over directly from there

Does this game has animations pal? 🤔


My sadly necessary disclaimer in all of my reviews:

I love your game and as you don’t charge us money for it, I’ve officially have to say, that I love you for that. As you see – I’m totally thinking you earned every bit of reward you can get. But in my situation as a married lesbian which could not come out due to thousands conservative circumstances I’m happy I can at least have fun with your game. My husband would never approve of me spending money for those games. So thank you sooo much for even giving me this game for free.

Also: I’m from Germany and so my rating may have grammar and a lot of spelling errors in it – sorry for that.

First things first: 5 Stars are well earned. Your Artworks are outstanding and the way you write is extremely good. Especially for non-native speakers which sometimes might be forgotten but I was having a blast being able to read and understand everything with your clear words, exquisite writingstyle and the fact that the characters are really different. I totally felt in love with Kyo as I have a very secretive kink for how woman smoking. She also is soo mysterious, I cannot see enough from her and I absolutely enjoyed all of the scenes and especially the sexscenes with her.

I love that we are able to modify our characters with outfits and some hairdo, thank you so much for that and I’d love to see more of it. I’m also looking totally forward to see what is alchemy and so on about and the inventory. And I’m soooo eager to reveal all the missing kinks that are ??? right now.

Also I’d like to say that I absolutely loved the Jean/Jeanne-Plot and what happens to him with the transformation. For me this is especially hot and a veeery loved kink I cannot stop enjoying it. I would also have loved the possibility to interact in that genderbending transformation and maybe helped “designing” his new body with some questions to answer.

Once again I have to praise your writing skill as I – as a lesbian - totally loved the maleXfemale as they’re so well written. The futa-content is also great, thank you for such wonderful und such erotic lines between and that they are all seem to happy loving each other.

Love, Bella, a new and totally addicted fan of your work.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game! <3

And I did want the player to be able to "design" Jean's new body, but the artist shut me down. D:

Sad - but surely understandable considering the workload, I guess? :D

is this game finished or will there still be more to come?

There's a lot more to come!


I downloaded the android version of the game and the main menu is bugged because I can't see any of the main menu interactions.  Could you please fix it?


I've given up wanting to play this game on my handphone, So I use my sister's laptop 💀 Wish me luck.


Any plans for Android 11 compatibility?


I would love to, but it's out of my hands. Waiting on Unity and Google.


yeah I just read thru the comments, sucks man, this game looks awesome

love this game!gratitude for the wonder you guys make!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! <3

can this game be played on ios or no?


(1 edit)

Is it really the long loading required to open this game? because I'm stuck being drawn after UNITY, there's nothing written except the village background & the name of the game.

Sorry Bad English

What platform are you using? The game loads instantly so it's something else going on. If you're on PC you could try running as administrator. If you're on Android, you probably have version 11 and the game doesn't run on that one.

My Android version is 10 (Realme 3 pro)


Hmm. It usually runs on Android 10 but in some rare cases, it doesn't. But there's nothing that can be done really, other than waiting for Unity or Google to give us a workaround to the latest changes they made.

Me android 11 stuck main screen

I just encountered that on Android 11, Samsung A12. Not a gaming phone but it should handle it. Is it a change in Android or something, I've also noticed several older Renpy games off the App Store, like NomNomNami's games don't work on this phone either.


Android changed the way permissions for creating files work in a bid to make their phones more secure. Ended up making tons of apps just not work anymore. I have no way of fixing that through unity, so there isn't much I can do until Unity or Google come up with a solution.

There's a lot to like about this game. Beautiful art, great score, and the characters and relations are so interesting that I think about them even when I'm not playing the game.

This game has given me much joy. Thank you for making it ♥

Happy to hear you're enjoying it! <3

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