Chapter 9 - Released!

Hello hello, everyone! We're thrilled to be finally releasing Chapter 9 for everyone to play! Woo! 

As we mentioned in our patron release post, this new build is packed with several lewd scenes with Briwala, Jeanne, Labashi, Mordred, Sigrid, and Marius! Catherine must also look for allies to aid her in the coming battles as the story's conclusion starts taking shape. She will also reunite long-lost siblings, and... attend a fancy ball? There's a lot going on in this one, and we sincerely hope you all enjoy this new chapter of Rise of the White Flower!  

But what are you all waiting for? Grab your builds and please let us know what you think! <3 


RotWF Ch9 0.9.0.c - Windows 691 MB
Aug 21, 2022
RotWF Ch9 0.9.0.c - Mac
Aug 21, 2022
RotWF Ch9 0.9.0.c - Linux 693 MB
Aug 21, 2022
RotWF Ch9 0.9.0.d - Android
Aug 21, 2022
RotWF Ch9 0.9.0.c - Android Compressed 761 MB
Aug 21, 2022

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Your Google drive has a certified suffering from success moment

"This file has been viewed or downloaded by too many users recently. Try accessing the file again later."


I might need to start hosting it somewhere else.

Does this have futa on Futa scenes?

No, only futa on women.