Chapter 6 - Released!

Hello hello once again, my lovelies! <3 We are absolutely thrilled to finally be releasing the sixth chapter of Rise of the White Flower to you all! Aaah! <3

The new events include a sexy lesson with Seralli, a romantic (or extra kinky) encounter with Eleanor, a steamy 'cup of tea' with Sigrid, a sweet and spicy night with Victor, and finally (for those who chose to romance Lena) a kinky night with our favorite murder elf! This chapter also adds a new quest to help Victor with his little. uh... undead problem, and many more events! <3

Now that's that out of the way, we're so relieved to have managed to deliver this chapter, considering all the setbacks we've had lately... and of course, we couldn't have done it without your amazing support! The amount of love and support we receive daily from you guys seriously incredible and I can't stress enough just how frickin grateful we are... for all of you! I still believe we have the best community in this industry, and I'll fight whoever disagrees!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go play!!!


RotWF Ch6 - 489 MB
Jun 27, 2021
RotWF Ch6 - 489 MB
Jun 27, 2021
RotWF Ch6 - 491 MB
Jun 27, 2021
RotWF Ch9 0.8.5 - Android
Jun 27, 2021

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Can we turn Jean back to male? >.< not that i dont like him female but he was soooo hot and a bastard that i liked :D


Best I can do is add Male Jean as an outfit. We talked about having a path where you turn him back into a male but nothing is decided yet.


I would love that path! If it becomes possible.  Thank you for  responding so fast to me :)

I have a couple of bugs to report.  When I choose to turn Sigrid down or thank her, I still get a sex scene with her. Also if I load back to an earlier save, I get quests that are for this chapter that shouldn't be there until I finish the previous ones.  Like I was going back to Chapter 4 to make different choices and when I loaded, I got quests for Chapter 6. That's all I've noticed. I really love the game so far and this update! Thank you! 😊❤


Oh! Thanks for the reports. I will look into it!

(1 edit) (+1)

I forgot to reply back that I figured it out, because I'm a donut who forgets everything lol.  I believe the problem is with the itch app since that is where I had it installed when I made the initial comment. I did a complete wipe of the game and reinstalled it on the app and it still did it. Did another wipe and installed it off the website instead, and it works perfectly now 😊

Still not working with Android 11 :'(

Tried everything already. I gave up trying to get it to work on android  11, blame Google. But I heard reports that the game is working in the latest version of android. Of course, that is not out for everyone yet so... Yeah, blame Google.

Oops I sent a report instead of reply, I'm SO SORRY, I'll stop messaging tired

Hahaha. It's ok, but I was very confused for a moment. xD